Color of the Moment for Cosmetics

Color design, whether driven by inspiration, a trend or a specific shade objective, allows creative exploration of novel color spaces. Evoked by transitory experiences, the Color of the Moment series features formulations for cosmetics and personal care products with our latest pigment innovations. 

Digital Blue

During these challenging times, we are physically apart but emotionally together. We are universally connected with people through shared experiences. Our color of the moment, digital blue, is an inspirational soothing color that reminds us how small things can have a big impact on our well being. Like a butterfly wing, bright colors bloom into nature and bring joyful moments.

Experiment with new make-up looks using statement colors and highlight the beauty of your eyes to show your personality to the world.

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cherry blossom

As spring emerges, we are greeted by a sea of cherry blossom flowers, which rejuvenates our admiration of natural beauty. Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed with seasonal products as their light, clean and fresh pink hues bloom into spring-inspired make-up and personal care products.

Featured pigments:

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