Lumina® Royal

Extend the color space with mica-based interference pigments: The Lumina® Royal Product family, with an optimized particle size, delivers the highest chromacity available for a wide variety of applications. Add brilliance to vibrant stylings from green gold to greenish blue shades through coppers and oranges.


Lumina® Royal Amber

Lumina Royal Amber

Lumina® Royal Russet

Lumina Royal Russet

Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold

Lumina Royal Dragon Gold v2

Lumina® Royal Magenta

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Magenta pigments

Lumina® Royal Copper

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Copper pigments

Lumina® Royal Indigo

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Indigo pigments

Lumina® Royal Aqua

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Aqua pigments

Lumina® Royal Blue

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Blue pigments

Shine with confidence

Lumina® Royal Russet & Amber

The Lumina® Royal family is growing:

Lumina® Royal Russet 9S590D enables new vibrant, high-chroma red shades and provides greater formulation flexibility.

Lumina® Royal Amber 9S290D promises strong sparkle for attractive bronze, orange, golden and red effect shades.

The optimized particle size distribution of Lumina Royal Russet and Amber delivers exceptional chromaticity in combination with transparent pigments. By meeting broad global food compliance standards, they perform brilliantly and can be used with full confidence.

Lumina Royal Amber and Russet
Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold

Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold 9S282D offers brilliant styling options with a unique greenish golden shade. Enhance your plastics designs with excellent chroma, high lightness and strong sparkle in numerous application fields such as packaging, consumer electronics, household applications and sporting goods.

Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold, Russet & Amber are semi transparent pigments made with synthetic mica in response to an increasing demand for cleaner shades. Synthetic mica does not contain any natural impurities, like iron oxides, that generate an undesired yellowish tint.

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Dragon gold Application
Lumina® Royal Copper

Lumina® Royal Copper 9390H offers extended styling options for luxurious browns and warm metal tones. Benefit from extremely high chroma shades with excellent lightness and attractive sparkle. The pigment is applicable to numerous markets including plastics, automotive, consumer electronics, packaging and powder and coil coatings.

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Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Copper Application
Lumina® Royal Aqua and Blue

Lumina® Royal Aqua 9780H and Blue 9680H offer brilliant styling options for luxurious blue tones. The high chromatic and reflecting pigments create a smooth appearance for plastics and automotive coatings.

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Lumina Website v2
Lumina® Royal Magenta and Indigo

Lumina® Royal Magenta 9480H and Indigo 9580H offer brilliant styling options for unique violet shades. Benefit from excellent chroma with high lightness and attractive sparkle in plastic applications. 

More information on Lumina® Royal Magenta and Royal Indigo

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Magenta Indigo Application v2
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