Are you dedicated to the environment? We support you to improve your sustainable handling by constantly looking for new ways to reduce the ecological footprint of our products.

While our market leadership is based on technical advantage and continuous innovation, our actions are guided by the aim to make our solutions the most sustainable choice in the market.

Conscious is colorful

Conscious is colorful - we prove it with...

Make conscious living a bold statement with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry, our all-clean, all-vegan high chroma effect pigment based on sustainable natural mica.

Explore clean beauty

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...pigments for recyclable plastics

Recyclability is a decisive factor for plastics design. When colored with carbon black, plastics go undetected by waste sorting machines and make their way into landfills or become incinerated. By replacing carbon black, we contribute to smart recycling of plastics.

Optimize black plastics for recycling

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...highest purity for sensitive applications

Contribute to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys. Our pigment portfolio for printing, packaging and plastics is compliant with global regulations and safety standards.

Care for health and safety

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...ethically sourced mica

Discover natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Our experienced employees will guide you through our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.

Visit our mine

GEN PRO hand mica blur background green LoRes v2 heat management pigments

Boost your design with our functional heat management pigments that keep surfaces cooler - no matter if they are black or colored. Reduce temperatures significantly while the visual impression remains unchanged.

Stay cool

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… lead free pigments

Many countries already started to ban lead chromate pigments. Others are currently preparing respective measures. With our wide range of lead free alternatives we help you to find the best solution for various applications.

Color our future lead free!

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